Lightning strikes tree, falls on home

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ADA, Okla (KXII) "I was like how could this happen," Brittney Hayes said.

Brittney Hayes says she woke up to this around 4 a.m., after she and her daughter's heard a loud pop during a storm Thursday night.

She says in the 12 years she and her family have lived in this home, they've never experience a storm that caused this much damage.

"It was pretty scary, and around like four o'clock I heard a loud popping noise,"Brittney said, "and about that time the house shook and the kids came running into the bedroom."

Brittney says when she came outside to see what was going on, she found the biggest tree in their front yard on top of their house, just inches from her daughter's bedroom.

She says she immediately called her husband who was at work.

"I was worried about the, well the kids and everything," Danny Hayes said.

When emergency management assessed the damage, they thought the tree fell due to high winds, but soon realized that wasn't the case.

"They saw that it was struck by lightning because it's burnt up on top so yeah," Brittney said.

Danny says he'll consider getting a lightning rod since the strike was so close to their home.

But he says, he's sad part of the tree is no longer standing.

"It provides a lot of shade, and it produces good pecans.," Danny said.

"It's sad to see half of it like this already," Brittney said.

But the couples agree it could have been much worse.

"I'm very fortunate that no one, that none of my family was injured, it's just material things we'll get it cleaned up," Danny said.

"I'm really thankful that we, the Lord was watching down on us and looking our for us and nothing really bad happened," Brittney said.