Lincoln Elementary bricks serve as souvenir to the end of an era

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Demolition is less than a week from being finished at the old Lincoln Elementary, and Ardmore City Schools has ensured that there is a pile of commemorative bricks available for people to take from.

Construction workers have a pile set outside the fence at Bixby and F Street, but no one should cross the fence and enter the construction site. The best time to enter is after 5:30p.m., when crews are finished for the day.

Natalie Caldwell has been a secretary for Lincoln Elementary for 20 years, but to an employee who is also a mother, the bricks were more than just history.

“It’s a part of me, it’s a part of my children.” Caldwell said. “My kids went here, and it’s sentimental to me.”

Even involved members of the community came to grab a brick. Susan Musshafen is the Vice President of Citizen's Bank and Trust Co. The bank adopted the school in 1994, and has been helping fund it since. From birthday cakes to Special Olympics, the bank helps with it all.
Because of that, she has a quite a few connections to the place.

“My son Garret came to this school. And I know the president of our bank came to this school, and his mother taught at this school many, many years ago.” Musshafen said. “So it’s really, really, truly in my heart about this school.”

Project manager Jeff Embry says demolition should be finished by Thursday.

The new $12 million school will be ready in time for school to start in August. Students and parents can look forward to seeing the school in July, during enrollment.

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