Local Habitat for Humanity still recovering from last month's flooding

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Flood waters rushed into Grayson County's Habitat for Humanity last month, and now they are still cleaning up the mess.

It slowed down construction, ruined appliances they planned to use in a house currently under construction and destroyed building materials. With a wait list at hand, they need donations to cover the loss.

"Our warehouse is flooding, our warehouse is flooding," Habitat for Humanity of Grayson County Director Laurie Mealy said.

On August 13, more than a foot of water flowed into the warehouse from the storm drain outside of Habitat for Humanity in Sherman on Brockett Street.

"Then just days later, we had a second flash flood," Mealy said.

"Any kind of fabric or building materials that can warp, and electrical stuff, it's not gonna be good anymore, so you have to get rid of it," volunteer John Denton said.

For the past month, volunteers have been helping director Laurie Mealy with the cleanup, filling two dumpsters with ruined donations and building supplies and putting what supplies they do have on pallets to keep them off the floor.

"Thousands and thousands of items that we threw away," Mealy said.

"We had the appliances for that house in the warehouse," Denton said.

"Those appliances were full of water. We cannot use those for our house we're building," Mealy said.

The house they are currently building in Van Alstyne is now without appliances, and with a wait list of eight to 10 more families in need of homes, they are in need of donations.

"Things that were ruined were things that we have for sale to the public. We have quarterly sales," Mealy said.

Habitat relies on the sale of gently-used home and remodeling items to bring in money. With less items for the upcoming sale, it may mean less revenue.

"But yes, it could put a little hitch in their move-in date, but we do not want a family to wait. But as we're able to do it, we're just gonna keep going," Mealy said.

The warehouse sale will be Saturday, Sept. 23, and all the proceeds go straight to building homes in the county. If you have any items you want to donate to go towards the sale, construction or the homes, click on the link located to the right of this story to contact Habitat for Humanity.