Local group donates body cams to Pushmataha Co. Sheriff's Office

ANTLERS, Okla. (KXII) -- A local group is stepping up to help the new Pushmataha County Sheriff turn around a department marred by mismanagement and turmoil over the past few years.

Sheriff BJ Hedgecock said right now, he has six deputies covering the whole county.

"When I come into office, we didn't have flashlights, we didn't have nothing, except for what personal gear we brought with us," said Hedgecock.

Which is why the Antlers Rotary Club's donation of three body cameras Thursday means so much.

"They're protected. You know, and the citizens too. Get a complaint, you can watch the video and can actually know what truthfully happened," said Hedgecock.

Antlers Rotary Club Vice President Will Payne said they were able to raise the money in just a week.

"Pushmataha County is a very large county and for one office to try to cover all of that, that's very daunting," said Payne. "We want to give him the protection he needs and we think the body cameras is one way to do that."

Payne said the total donation is worth around $600.

"My goal is to equip every deputy, and when I get more deputies hired on, I want everyone one them wearing cameras," said Hedgecock.

More body cams aren't the only thing the department needs. Hedgecock's next priority are handheld radios.

"Lot of places in this county, my deputies are out on their own with no radio communication and the cell service is so bad," said Hedgecock.

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