After 70 years, silver wings returned to Van Alstyne veteran's family

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VAN ALSTYNE, Texas (KXII) -- A lost pair of silver wings from World War II were returned to a local veteran's family more than fifty years later.

Reggie Cusick was metal detecting near a home in Van Alstyne last year when he found something unique buried underneath a clothes line.

"I knew exactly what they were when I got them out of the ground," Cusick said. "I could tell it was a significant find."

It was a pair of silver wings from WWII.

"Honestly, it is probably in the top five or six of my favorites finds and I have found some great stuff," Cusick said.

Cusick researched the land's history and was able to track down the veteran's family.

Charlie Skaggs says the wings belonged to his late great grandfather, Cecil Batsell.

"It was my great grandfather from the 1940s or 1950s," Skaggs said. "He worked at Perrin Air Force base and was a fireman there."

Skaggs says Batsell lived on the property most of his life.

He thinks the wings were lost over seventy years ago when his grandmother was doing laundry.

"There are some stories I have heard about my grandma doing laundry and the wings fell off and she lost them," Skaggs said.

Skaggs says he is thankful to have the silver wings back in the family.

"It kind of revamped what I remember about him," Skaggs said. "He was a star person and a great gentleman who served our country well."

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