Manhunt for Aaron Victory ends in Antlers

ANTLERS, Okla. (KXII) -- A fugitive considered to be armed and dangerous was found and arrested Thursday night in Pushmataha county.

"They were yelling put your hands up and I just kept thinking, I'm about to hear them shoot this guy," Mendy Harvey said.

37-year-old Aaron Victory was arrested Thursday night around 11 at a distant relative's home on Northwest 5th street in Antlers.

Neighbors say you could hear all the commotion.

"We heard some yelling, then we heard come out with your hands up. The whole block got surrounded," one neighbor told News 12.

Mendy Harvey lives next door and was at home with her two young children.

"I heard a knock at the door and I was like, gosh it's kinda late, I was kinda scared to open the door. Well then it was a cop and he was holding a gun and I was like, oh my gosh what is happening? He said, there is a fugitive next door and we need you to stay on this side of the house and stay in the house and lock your doors," Harvey added.

Law enforcement from six different agencies surrounded the home.

"I hear them calling over the speaker, telling the guy to come out of the house," Harvey exclaimed.

Victory was arrested without incident.

Choctaw County Sheriff Terry Park says Victory's phone led them to his location.

"The sheriff's office received information from McCurtain County in which we started pinging Mr. Victory's phone. We located the residence on Northwest 5th street in Antlers," Park said.

Mendy Harvey says she didn't know it at the time but she talked to Victory on Wednesday.

"There was another guy standing outside in a hoodie and he walked up to the porch and asked me what time it was and I was like, no I'm sorry I don't have my phone on me, you know didn't think nothing of it.," Harvey said.

Harvey didn't know it was Victory until her grandmother sent a picture of him hours later.

She and the other neighbors couldn't believe a fugitive was right next door.

"But I am glad they caught him and they didn't have to shoot or do anything like that," Harvey told News 12.

At this time it is unclear of the distant relative's role in the case or if he will face any charges.

Victory is currently in the Pushmataha County Jail.

He faces charges in multiple counties.