Neblett Elementary student's journey with Autism

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Nathan Adams is a seven year old child who attends Neblett Elementary school in Sherman.

He's a lovable child who plays and even explores like every child, but at a young age, his parents knew there was something different about him when he wasn't responding to his name at one year old.

Just before he turned three, he was diagnosed with Autism.

"It gave us some closure to it," Nathan's father Jeff Adams said. "It gave us kind of a path forward, but at the same time, it was difficult."

"Kind of a relief at that point to know which direction to go," Nathan's mother Desiree Adams said.

The next direction was to see a psychologist where the psychologist recommended speech therapy and to look into schools that specialize in special education.

Since then, Jeff and Desiree Adams have seen huge strides in their son's progress with things like eye contact and his attention span.

"Even now, we've been able to see him sit down and have dinner with us and it's not always easy and it doesn't always happen, but we've seen a lot of those kind of things," Jeff Adams said.

"Things that would be simple for most families and it's a huge accomplishment with our family," Desiree Adams said.

Even through the tough times for the couple, it's the people surrounding them that have helped them through it all.

"It can be difficult and you know we have people that we reach out to," Jeff Adams said. "We have an awesome support system through church and school, friends, family."

Kara Prince is Nathan's teacher.

She's been working with people with Autism for four years and as a teacher and parent to an Autistic child, she understands the importance of a parents and teacher's relationship when working with Autistic kids.

"I think that if you tailor off of what we're doing here in school at the home environments and you follow along with the consistency and the structure that we do here, you're going to see a lot more progress within your child," Nathan's teacher Kara Prince said.

For the Adams, this simple message of love and understanding is what Autism Awareness Month is all about.

"Autistic people are people and they are special and beautiful and we need to love them and support them and encourage them," Jeff Adams said.

Prince told me that Nathan is a favorite among the staff members at the school and that teachers will come into their classroom just to give him a hug because he makes everyone's day.