Neighbor helps solve Marshall Co. burglary

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- "Cars going in and out and they're pulling in across the road," says neighbor Paul Easley.

Easley is one of many neighbors who told Marshall County deputies several cars were driving through this lawn and parking in the back of this house off Elizabeth and Joy in Oakland.

Deputies say the suspects broke into a window and the house was burglarized multiple times last week.

"The citizen claims she's seen people pulling in to this house late hours of the night and she was actually able to get a photo of one of the suspect's vehicles as they were leaving," says Marshall County Sheriff Danny Cryer.

This is the photo another neighbor took of the suspects leaving the back of the home.

Sheriff Cryer says that car was spotted driving through Kingston. Deputies pulled it over and arrested Dakota Millsap and Paul Ashbaugh.

"I seen the ford bronco going in there and they went in about three different times and then a little white car," says Easley.

Sheriff Cryer says about 30,000 dollars worth in items were stolen.

"Some of the items that were taken included trampolines, washing machines, deer antlers, guns, electronics, gaming systems, TVs," says Sheriff Cryer.

The trampoline, washer and dryer were sold to unsuspecting people around Madill and have since been recovered.

The rest is still missing.

Deputies say the suspects stole the items for meth money.

"Had it not been for the citizens being aware of what was going on, this would've been a very difficult case to solve," says Sheriff Cryer.

"We watch out for everybody on this hill for everybody," says Easley. "So we don't want nobody to break into ours."

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