New program adds swimming to Denison 2nd grade curriculum

DENISON, Texas (KXII) -- With the city of Denison and the Parks and Recreation department looking to impact the community, they floated around ideas to help their youth.

"Sitting down with Sunny Mackey and my boss and the city council, this is all something that came up and we started talking about it and brainstorming," Aquatics Program Director Dori Smith said.

That's how the Aqua Access program was created.

The program will help educate second graders at Denison ISD on swimming safety.

It will last four to five weeks rotating through each of the second grader classes at Denison ISD.

The district wants to educate their students on not only swimming safety, but how a near drowning can affect a child.

"Not only the drowning issue, but sometimes, there's some very serious after affects when a person has been in the water for a period of time even though their life has been saved," Denison ISD Superintendent Dr. Henry Scott said.

The lessons will be taught during the school day for 30 minutes at a time separating into six lessons.

These lessons range from how to handle a drowning to how to use swimming equipment properly.

This is in the hopes that lives can be saved when kids swim at the pool or at the lake.

"We just feel like if we can save a life by teaching safety to young people, it's a great program," Dr. Scott said.

"Swimming lessons save lives and it's just the more people we can impact and second grade seems to be a great level to jump in there when they're more susceptible to drowning," Smith said.

The Aqua Access program is just another way the school district and the city can help prevent their youth from the potential dangers of the water.

The new program is expected to cost the city about $6,000 to 10,000 and the program will start next school year.