North-Central Oklahoma Earthquake felt in Texoma

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ADA, Okla (KXII) "It was shock to me because that's one of the reasons I moved out here because they didn't have them," Brenda Turner said.

Brenda Turner says she moved to Ada from California 5 years ago to be closer to family, and to get away from all the earthquakes.

"The earthquakes out here are harder, they jar you," Turner said.

Turner says she was at home when she felt an earthquake a little before 9 this morning.

"This morning I felt what seemed to be, kind of shifted in a circle it was kind of weird to me," She said.

"I felt it pretty good in this chair and at my feet it shook this balcony pretty good,"Paul Harbin said.

According to the United States Geological Survey, a 4.2 magnitude earthquake hit north-central Oklahoma near Stroud, and was followed by at least 5 smaller quakes.

The USGS reports the earthquake was felt in Tishomingo, Durant and Colbert.

But it didn't stop there, hundreds in Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas said they felt it, and even one person in Fort Wayne Indiana claimed they felt it too.

"I flat sit there and said a few choice words and said, did you feel that, what shook this building?" Harbin said.

"Even yesterday I had felt something but there weren't any reports but today I thought it was just me and I was shaking a little bit, but it kind of seemed like the house went in a circle a little bit," Turner said.

Many Ada residents took to social media claiming they felt the quake in surrounding areas like Byng and Latta.

An East Central University employee says her office shook when she felt the quake.

"It happened so quick," Turner said.

Turner says the earthquake caused minor cracks in her walls, but she's just glad no one was hurt.

"So far thank God, out here we haven't had any horrific ones yet but I see it coming," Turner said.