North Texas has high rates of breast cancer

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Sherman, Texas (KXII) -- Recent studies show breast cancer is at an all time high in Texoma.

"I'm a two time cancer survivor."

Rita Williams was diagnosed in 2001 and again in 2015

"I had breast cancer, then my mother had breast cancer and my daughter was 31 when she had cancer the first time. And at 35 she passed away."

Williams is still recovering from radiation, chemotherapy and multiple surgeries.

Her story, is one many women in Texoma can relate to.

"I was 44 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer."

Janice Fletcher is going on 16 years being cancer-free.

"I went through chemotherapy, radiation and three surgeries."

Fletcher says she got mammograms every year from when she turned 40 all the way until she was diagnosed.

"That fourth mammogram I came back and I had a lump that the doctor could not detect and I had not felt and I was stage 2B."

Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas says North Texas counties have one of the highest breast cancer rates in the state.

"If you feel something strange, or don't feel right, you need to go to the doctor and if you don't like that doctor's answer you need to find another doctor. You are your best advocate in saving your own life."

According to Susan G. Komen North Texas, Grayson County has an average of 87 cases per year.

Thirty-two of those cases are in the late stages and 16 end in death.

Fannin County has 22 cases a year, 8 being in the late stage and 3 ending in death.

Cooke County has 20 cases a year, 8 being in the late stage and 5 ending in death.

"If something doesn't feel right, go see a doctor. Do your self breast exams. If you can not afford to go get a mammogram, you can always call the Women Rock office. They will assist you."

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