ODOT preparing roads for wintry weather

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LOVE COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- According to News 12 meteorologists, a surge of arctic air has hit Texoma on Thursday, holding temperatures in the mid 30s, but it's the weather predictions for the weekend that has the Oklahoma Department of Transportation preparing the roads.

An ODOT car was out Thursday on I-35, spraying deicer over bridges and overpasses.

"Weather fronts move in across our area, and temperatures start dropping. It's gonna cause bridges and roadways to have ice and slick spots on them," says Oklahoma State Trooper Jason Yingling.

Yingling said they see more wrecks in bad weather. He hopes drivers will be extra cautious on the bridges and overpasses.

"When that weather comes in, people often think they can drive in the same in inclement weather as they can in regular clear weather, but that's not the case when you add moisture and temperature drop," Yingling said.

After driving 17 miles to work, Diana Mathis says it's good ODOT is preparing the roads.

"Be prepared and be alert," Mathis said. "If its going to be icy, there's no sense in getting out on it," says Mathis.

Officials say for you to keep food, water, blankets and extra clothes available in your car if you do go driving.

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