ODOT's new project aims to improve traffic flow on I-35 and I-40

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OKLAHOMA (KXII) -- You could soon be seeing new signs along two major Oklahoma highways encouraging drivers to help improve the flow of traffic.

Ryan Reiger frequently takes I-35 to visit his mother. He said dealing with drivers weaving in and out of lanes on the highway is frustrating.

"If there was a little reminder, 'Hey, you should pull over to the other lane', I think that would be great," said Reiger.

That's just what ODOT plans to do.

The new signs will read "Do not impede left lane" and "Slower traffic keep right." There will be 264 of them placed along I-35 and I-40.

"Pretty much border to border in our state," said ODOT spokeswoman Kenna Carmon. "We'd be looking at about 132 locations for these signs, that's putting them up every 5 miles along those interstates."

It's a $400,000 project aimed at reminding drivers it's not just about being courteous, it's the law.

"Anything we can do to help highlight the law to drivers and as much as we can do, too, to help traffic move efficiently and safely," said Carmon.

Reiger said even though he hopes it will help prevent congestion and collisions, there will still be road-rage.

"You're still going to have those people I think," said Reiger. "But at least, if everyone moves over when they're going a little slower, that'd be good."

ODOT already has a few similar signs along highways, but this is the first time they've done it for an entire interstate corridor.

Drivers can expect to start seeing the signs in the Spring.