Otter caught running around Texoma neighborhood

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- "It's so pretty," said a Denison resident.

It started off as a normal day for Denison residents Klarissa Walker and Jonathan Moore. They were hanging out on their front porch off Elm and Morton Streets, but then the pair spotted something 'otterly' unusual.

"And he jumps up and he's like what are those," asked Walker. "And I jump up, and I saw two otters coming down the street."

"They're adorable," said Walker. "I was able to touch them in that corner over there then everyone came up ,and they took off because they were scared," said Moore.

"Oh so you're the otter whisperer?" we asked. "No, I don't know about that one, but I just wanted to touch it," said Moore.

Soon after, they called animal control.

"We've both been doing this a long time, and this was the first otter call we've ever had, so this was an experience," said Denison Animal Control's Keith Davis and Jeff Hale.

Neighbors say animal control spotted the otter underneath this back porch, but the otter fled and tried to escape through that back gate. That's where animal control says they caught the otter.

Was it easy to catch?

"Not really," said Davis and Hale. "It did give us a bit of a fight, but in the end it all worked out."

A local game warden says otters are fairly common to the area and with the recent floods, it's not uncommon to find them in places they shouldn't be. They want people to call animal control when they see otters because they have a greater chance of survival in the wild than in a neighborhood.

The second otter spotted hasn't yet been found, but the one captured Wednesday is now running free at Randell Lake.

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