Police investigate rash of Carter County break-ins

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CARTER COUNTY, Okla. (KXII)-- A rash of break-ins at businesses in Carter County late Sunday into early Monday morning, and surveillance video captured both suspects.

Surveillance video shows a hatchet-wielding man break into Dollar General, make his way into the office, and then begins using the hatchet to break into the file cabinets.

The burglar didn't take anything from the Lone Grove Dollar General, but left plenty of damage Monday morning, also breaking into Papa's Pizzeria next door.

"There was glass everywhere, and our cash register was smashed. And change everywhere." The Pizzeria owner's daughter said.

Again, nothing was stolen, but that's little consolation to Kyle, who's now helping pick up the pieces.

"You add it all up, and you know, $100 for a brand new register, and then the wood, and they're going to have to replace with window, and the time, it's just not good." Kyle said.

But it didn't end there. Police also got a call from the Sonic just down the road. They were missing $400 in cash, and $350 from their change purses.

"It comes back to people losing their sense of security, and not knowing that their businesses are secure." Lone Grove Police Officer Stephen Holland said. "We want to do what we can to protect everybody and everything out here."

And it wasn't just Lone Grove dealing with burglaries Monday. Less than 20 miles away, Healdton was investigating their own from the night before.

"[The suspect] broke in through a window, went straight to the safe, apparently had a key to the case, and stole a substantial amount of money." Healdton Police Chief Johnny Turner said.

Over $2,000 was taken from the Subway late Sunday night, just 20 minutes after the last employee left.

"It was just so fast, they knew exactly where they were going, clearly inside job." Turner said.

Turner says the manager lent her keys out, and her key to the safe was stolen without her realizing it. Turner says they do not suspect she played any role in the crime.

"I just think she was taken advantage of, I feel real bad for her." Turner said.

Police have a suspect, but aren't naming him. Lone Grove does not have a suspect, but are hoping some evidence sent off for analysis will give them some leads.

"I got into the cops and robbers game because I like catching them, and I just want to put them in prison when they deserve to go." Turner said.

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