Police investigating a possible drive-by shooting in Bonham

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BONHAM, Texas (KXII) -- Police are investigating a possible drive-by shooting in Bonham today.

"My kids could have been killed, I'm just glad that they're ok."

Tiffani Goldstein, her boyfriend and her twin boys drove from North Richland Hills Wednesday to visit family.

She says was here, at this home, on Lipscomb and 9th Street when her car was shot at.

"I was driving down this street right here and I turned and I pulled into this driveway. I didn't even like put my car in park yet. I heard a loud pop and then my back window exploded."

When Goldstein jumped out of the car, she says she tried to see if any other cars were nearby.

"I saw this gray Pontiac G8 speeding down drove through the stop sign and like drifted around the corner and I immediately call 9-1-1."

Bonham Detective, Terry Edington, says it happened around 5 Wednesday evening.

He says no one was hurt.

Witnesses say they heard one shot.

"A silver or black Pontiac drove by slow. supposedly drove by slow, shot at the car and knocked the window out."

So far investigators haven't been able to find a bullet.

Police don't have any suspects and Goldstein says she couldn't see how many people were in the car.

"I mean I don't know who would shoot at me, I don't know any body here."

Police are asking that anyone with information contact them.

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