Police looking for two men accused of short-changing Taco Casa

WHITESBORO, Texas (KXII) -- Whitesboro police are looking for two men accused of manipulating a cashier into giving them an extra $200 in change.

The men short-changed Taco Casa last weekend and this may not be their first time.

"It's hectic, you have to be on your toes," Taco Casa customer April Peel said.

Surveillance shows two men at the register of Taco Casa in Whitesboro.

Police said one of the men placed an order and paid. He then placed another order, paid and needed change.

"As the clerk is trying to give him his change, he starts working him and doing this operation and putting more money down on the table asking for an exchange of the money he's putting down for some money out of the cash register," Whitesboro Police Lt. Jimmy Leverett said.

The young cashier tells police the suspect did that several times, but is unsure how the change started adding up.

While this was all happening, video shows the suspect's friend was distracting the manager by placing another order.

The men waited to get their food, but before the manager and cashier could count the money, the suspects left, getting away with $208 extra dollars.

"The whole operation is designed to confuse the clerk and ultimately give them more money then what they gave to the clerk," Leverett said.

A tricky, fast-paced crime.

Police said the Taco Casa in Gainesville was also short-changed by two subjects similar in appearance a few weeks ago.

Taco Casa customer April Peel said she's seen the crime happen before.

"They act just like us, being normal, and they could just slowly act like they are scanning something, but they are short-changing you, it amazes you," Peel said.

Police are looking for the two men who left in a silver four-door car. They said this should serve as a warning to other businesses in the area, be alert and cautious when making change.

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