Pontotoc Animal Welfare Society needs help getting animals adopted

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PONTOTOC COUNTY, OK The Pontotoc Animal Welfare Society has been rescuing animals since the late 1990's.

"A lot of people don't realize how many strays, are around here," Ashleigh Winton said.

Manager Ashleigh Winton says their shelter gets at least 150 animals per month.

The shelter hosts an annual adopt-a-thon, where the pets are sold at a discounted rate for the holidays.
But that got cancelled due to a lack of volunteers.
Now, the shelter has met its capacity for cats housing 48 unadopted cats.
When the shelter gets full, the animals are sent out of state to other shelters.

"The more adoptions we can get in the more animals that we can take in..so adoptions are our main priority," Winton said.

Animals that don't get adopted stay at the shelter..unless they're violent or ill, then they have to be euthanized.

"Some of them have not had good experiences with humans ... before they came in here and their time with us, we try to make as good as possible ... so we can find them homes," Seth Tipton said.

Winton says if you can't adopt an animal , fostering them for a few weeks could be the next best thing.

"It shows people how they do in real life situations..versus just here in cages at the shelter," Winton said.

"I would rather see an animal go..and rather than stay in a cage here," Tipton said.