Possible tenant for Lake Texoma's North Island announced

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POTTSBORO, Texas (KXII) The Army Corps of Engineers has now announced a local marina may be leasing one of the islands on Lake Texoma.

"I don't think North Island belongs to any company or anybody other than the people," said James Lamm.

But the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has other plans.

Last month, they announced they have chosen Highport as the potential tenant for North Island at Lake Texoma.

"I'm a against the leasing. I think it should be kept like it is for everybody's recreation," said Steve Fernandez.

Highport has not released any concrete plans for what they hope to do with the land, and the Army Corps of Engineers says there still isn't a formal agreement.

Something locals say they hope stays that way.

"That's a quiet place where people go. They don't go there for loud music, noise," said James Lamm.

Officials with Highport Marina say the process is just beginning.

First, they need to provide a basic market analysis and demonstrate an economic benefit.

If the Corps approves and agrees to move forward, then Highport would have more requirements to fulfill.

Steve Fernandez, from Sherman, says he's worried making the island more accessible could ruin the environment.

"Well there will probably be trash left around but if it does go through, I hope there would be restrictions to keep it from getting out of control," said Fernandez.

Both parties say the process could take several months.

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