Possible winter weather event on Texoma horizon

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- There is a lot of focus on this weekend right now as we have an approaching arctic system that can bring us another round of winter precipitation.

This isn't just a chance for snow though like we had on Friday last week. As we have temperatures warming up to the 70s by Wednesday, it cools back down by Friday with the cold front and with the warm air toying with our atmospheric profile, this can transition us to see a winter mix instead which is freezing rain and sleet.

Current forecast models show over Texoma for the weekend that majority of the area will just have a cold rain and it would be far northeastern areas to see maybe some winter mix. If models push the freezing air further southward, then we could see more of a freezing rain/sleet event -- especially into Saturday and Sunday.

No matter what, we have quite a bit of available moisture in the atmosphere by the time this cold front arrives, so we could see 1 to 4 inches of rainfall. Could this change to freezing rain/sleet? Possibly.

This event won't really take place until Friday evening once temperatures start to really cool down so this is a tad bit too far out to say exactly what we can see.

As forecast models keep changing on this system for the weekend, we will update with it as well and keep you informed. In the meantime, it doesn't hurt to prepare for a possible freezing rain event like this.

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