Pushmataha County Sheriff's office makes improvements on facilities

ANTLERS, Okla. (KXII) -- From the moment Sheriff BJ Hedgecock took office as Sheriff of Pushmataha County, he wanted to improve the facilities with the jail and the sheriff's office.

The sheriff's office has been staying busy with making improvements to their facilities.

"The whole reason I ran for Sheriff, I wanted to make Push County something to be proud of," Sheriff Hedgecock said. "I think if I can get everyone motivated to want a do it, maybe we"ll all pitch in the whole community and clean up this community."

So Sheriff Hedgecock and inmates at the prison have been working on painting the parking lot and sidewalks along with fixing the flag pole and improving the condition of the prison all with donated supplies and equipment.

These improvements are something that city leaders are proud to show off to its residents.

"Instead of it being a eyesore for a change, we're getting back up to where everybody is appreciating what's going on," Pushmataha County Commissioner Mike Brittingham said.

Not only are they improving the facilities, but Sheriff Hedgecock also has plans for the future.

"I proposed to Choctaw Nation about assisting us on getting some grants to build a new facility and to better our jail to make it larger," Sheriff Hedgecock said.

The current jail stays close to it's capacity of 63 inmates.

Right now it holds just over 50.

The proposed facility will also help with creating jobs for the county and this has city leaders standing behind their sheriff.

"We're all approving it," Brittingham said. "We're all on following through with what he would like to do and the thing is, we're getting crime off the street, they're making a lot of arrests, and that is revenue back into our county."

Sheriff Hedgecock will continue to meet with Choctaw Nation to work on receiving grants for the planned new facility and will continue to improve their current facilities.