Sales tax increase fails after tied vote

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SPRINGER, Okla. (KXII)-- Tuesday night, a single vote would have made the difference in a sales tax hike that failed after the vote was perfectly split.

The current sales tax is at 2%, and would've gone to 4%, to go toward roads, salaries and general needs of the town. In total, only 60 people turned out to vote, which is about 15% of the town.

"We live here, and we need to have an input." Springer resident Lenora Miller said.

Miller and her husband own Miller's Mercantile in town, and both voted no on Tuesday's proposition to raise the town's sales tax to four-percent.

"Our customers, at the end of their purchase, is going to be more. That might affect us," Miller said. "We're 2 to 2.5% less on taxes then say Ardmore, and that's a benefit to us."

And the proposition failed, tied at 30-30- only 15-percent of their 406 registered voters turning out.

Springer resident Timothy Colungo says he would've loved to vote...

"The outcome has a lot to do with what happens in the community, especially in a small town like this." Colungo said.

...if it didn't conflict so much with his work.

"If they had a pre-registration vote maybe the day before, I would have," Colungo said. "I could've been that difference on either side, and I probably would've voted for it."

But they did have early voting. Four people took advantage of that, and that vote was tied too. But we spoke to multiple people who say they just didn't hear about it.

"I knew there was gonna be a vote, I just didn't know when," said a Springer man who wanted to remain anonymous. "I'm really frustrated that the city didn't advertise it more."

He says the town should've handled it differently.

"I think if they had put some signs up on some corners around places, and let people know how badly they needed it, it probably would've passed." He said.

The town has until Friday to call for a recount, and the election board says they could have another proposition on the ballot as soon as January, as long as they notify them by next month.

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