Several grass fires in Love County threatened homes and livestock

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LOVE COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- "There was multiple fires from the five up until the 11 mile mark on the Interstate 35," says Shady Dale Fire Chief Tim Coyle.

There were at least six calls of grass fires throughout Love County in less than three hours Saturday afternoon.

Most of the calls came from grass fires off I-35. The others were off Oswald and Pike roads. Firefighters say five different departments were called for help.

"Immediately we realized that we were gonna need some additional help and it took all of us to put out these fires," says Chief Coyle.

After all was said and done, more than 40 acres were lost.

"The fire truck come up right beside us and put one out between the interstate and service road and we got up to exit five and there's another fire and we could see a really big one right by our home and when we got here, it was burning really good to the North and West of us," says Love County resident Billy Foreman.

Foreman says he was watching the grass fires off I-35 from his fence, about ten feet away from the fire.

"So we got down to the fence getting ready to keep it off from wetting our place down and the fire trucks came and the brush trucks and they got it knocked off really quick," says Foreman.

"It was like 10 to 15 feet before it got over on us and it was all over on the shoulder of the interstate and it got really close," says Foreman.

Chief Coyle says he believes the grass fires off Oswald and Pike roads were caused by spot fires and the fires off I-35 might have been caused by a chain dragging from an RV, Pickup truck or a semi. Chief Coyle says no structures, livestock or people were injured from these fires.

"I want to tell them thank you, it was like the cavalry riding in. We were standing there waiting and here comes the fire and its ten feet from our fence then they pull up and start putting it out, it was pretty neat," says Foreman.

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