Sheriff releases new details in 15-year-old murder cold case

BONHAM, Texas (KXII) -- Friday marks 15 years since Jennifer Harris' body was found in the Red River. The case is still cold, but for the first time, the sheriff is naming the two main suspects.

Fannin County Sheriff Mark Johnson said those two suspects are Jennifer Harris' ex-husband, Rob Holman, and her ex-business partner, James Hamilton.

Now her family hopes the renewed effort from the Fannin County Sheriff's office will help them catch Jennifer's killer.

"It's just been 15 years of agonization for the family, it's tainted Mother's Day forever," Jennifer Harris' uncle, Jeff Schneider, said.

Jennifer Harris, 28, went missing Mother's Day 2002. Six days later, her naked body was found by a fisherman floating in the Red River.

Her death was classified as a "violent homicide," her uterus had somehow been removed.

"It's been so frustrating and we have such high expectations of having something come to light to get the case prosecuted, it just seems like nothing comes together like it should," Schneider said.

Johnson is the fourth sheriff to look into this case in the past 15 years and two of the initial investigators have since passed away.

On top of that, Sheriff Johnson said evidence, including a computer and cell phone, have been lost.

"I think the case was so botched in the beginning," Schneider said.

"We dusted off the boxes when I came in and we got it out, it was very much in disarray," Sheriff Johnson said.

Sheriff Johnson took office last year and said he's fulfilling his promise to revive the investigation.

He has since recovered documents from those missing electronics and has now named two suspects.

"The public needs to know what we're looking at and who we are looking at, and those two names are at the top of the list," Johnson said.

Johnson said both Hamilton and Holman deny killing Jennifer.

Hamilton took a lie detector test and the sheriff said the results showed he answered truthfully.

Rob Holman was also asked to take the test, but the sheriff said Holman refused and hired an attorney. News 12 called Holman for a comment, but our calls were not returned.

The sheriff is now working with the family to come up with a $50,000 reward for anyone with info leading to solving the case.

"It needs a lot of attention and we are bringing that attention to it and hopefully we will run across the things we need to get that case solved," Johnson said.

"Somebody knows something and more than one person," Schneider said.

On top of the reward, the sheriff said they hope to team up with a network investigation show to get the word out.

The family is collection donations to pay for that reward. If you'd like to donate, click on the related link.

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