Sherman boy rushed to Dallas hospital after fall from apartment balcony

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- A little boy was flown to Dallas after he fell off a third-story apartment balcony on Tuesday.

A Sherman toddler was transported Tuesday to a Dallas hospital after being injured from a fall from an apartment balcony.

A 3-year-old boy is alert at a Dallas hospital after a three-story fall. Witness said he was climbing on a chair at the Parkview Apartments off Taylor Street when he fell over and landed on the concrete.

Paramedics rushed him across the street to Fairview Park where he was flown to a children's hospital near Dallas.

"i was sitting here drinking my coffee and I saw something flying through the air and then i heard a horrible thud," Lillian Williams said.

Williams said the scene replays over and over in her mind. "It's horrible. i mean that thud," she said. "I don't think I'll ever get it out of my head. I mean, that was a child."

Another neighbor said she was siting on her couch when she heard a child crying, and a woman asking if the child was okay.

"When I knelt down next to him he just clung to me and it was just the saddest thing I have ever seen," the neighbor said.

After paramedics arrived, the search for the child's mom began.

Police said the mom didn't know what had happened until police officers knocked on her door and told her -- about 15 minutes after the boy's fall.

"They asked her if this was her son," Williams said, "and she goes 'yeah. How did he get down there?' "

The boys was flown to a Dallas children's hospital and is expected to survive. Child Protective Services has been called to investigate.

"The mother came out and I did see her just standing there," Williams said. "I was thinking, she seems awfully calm. considering the fact that her child is laying there."

Police are questioning the boy's parents about the incident, but said it is too soon to know if charges will be filed against them.

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