Sherman fire boxing Sherman police to raise money for local youth shelter

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Sherman firefighters and police officers are prepping for a big fight this weekend, but it's all for a good cause.

It's the first boxing match of its kind for these men. Hoses vs. guns, a friendly rivalry on the streets, headed to the boxing ring.

"We really enjoy competing with each other, but it's all in the good spirit of competition," Sherman firefighter Mason Beaver said.

"We do battle of the badges and now we're gonna do boxing," Sherman Police Lt. Nic Emmons said.

"We're together all the time on different incidents, but it's always fun to jab at each other once and a while and now we get to do it for real," Sherman firefighter Nelson Adams said.

Two Sherman firefighters will take on two Sherman police officers, joining 20 other local boxers in the North Texas Young Professionals Fight Night.

For the past eight weeks, Rick Arnold, with Arnold's Martial Arts in Sherman, has been voluntarily training the men, pushing them to their limits.

"Time and effort and hours and hours and hours of punching bags and hitting mitts," Arnold said.

"Some of the training has been so intense," Emmons said.

"Lots of cardio, I've lost about 25 pounds getting in shape to do this," Beaver said.

But it's more than a fight. The proceeds will go to the North Texas Youth Connection, a refuge for kids who need a place to stay.

NTYP hopes to raise about $15,000 to pay for activities and extras the youth shelter otherwise couldn't afford.

"Those kids, they've been through so much, so we'll take a couple hard knocks for them and hopefully get them some money," Emmons said.

It'll be judged just like a real boxing match.

"We'll I'm not going in there to lose," Beaver said.

"I hope we entertain them and obviously I want to win and so does he, but in the end the kids are gonna win and benefit from it," Emmons said.

The fight is this Saturday at the Hilton Garden Inn. For more info and how to get tickets, click on the related link.