Sherman library temporarily moved to new location

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) Almost two weeks after a fire intentionally set at the Sherman Public Library, they're getting ready to re-open their doors at a new, temporary home.

A part of the transition has been cleaning up the arsonist's mess.

"We've been wiping them off, wiping soot off, that's the major problem with most of the books," said Michael Miller, a librarian.

He said after the salvageable books are cleaned, they either go into storage or to the new location, located 1000 N. East Street, expected to open early next week.

"We'll have check in, check out," said Miller. "We'll have some children's programs going on over there."

They'll also offer computer services.

Nate Strauch, city spokesman, said although the circumstances aren't ideal, they're taking advantage of the few months at the temporary location to start the planned, almost $2,000,000 renovations at the main one.

"Because it was already already in the budget to do these renovations, we're hoping that we can kind of kick start those while the temporary library is open to provide those essential services," said Strauch,

Since a $5,000 reward was offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who set fire to library, Strauch said they've received dozens of tips.

"We do believe several of those tips to be credible and investigators are currently following up on those as we speak," said Strauch.

Miller said he hopes whoever did it is caught soon.

"Hate for somebody to be thinking about doing the same thing again, to us or to anybody else," said Miller.

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