Sherman man holds burglar at gunpoint

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Trevor Debord had just left the hospital Monday afternoon when he got a bad feeling, and stopped by his house on North Brents Avenue in Sherman to check things out.

"We were getting our locks changed today and kind of felt like maybe I should check my house one last time when I was gone,” Debord said.

Debord said some items had disappeared from his house the last couple of weeks.

"A phone charger,” Debord said. “Some beverages that had gone missing. A pair of headphones went missing."

When he got home, Debord said he heard someone upstairs, so he grabbed his gun and went to confront the intruder.

He found the culprit, a teenage boy, hiding in the corner of a bedroom.

"Obeying every command that I had for him,” Debord said. “You know, hands up. Stay there. Don't move."

Sherman Police arrived and took the boy into juvenile custody.

Sherman Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton said the confrontation could have easily had a much different outcome.

"It could have ended up with this juvenile deceased,” Hampton said.

Debord said it looks like the boy pried open a window to get inside.

He hopes it's a situation he never has to relive again.

"Seeing somebody just kind of standing there nervous you feel bad but then again it's your home. You need to protect it with all you can,” Debord said.

"It's just not worth it. Don't break into people's homes." Hampton said. “They work hard for what they have. They have the right to defend themselves.”

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