Sherman woman creates project to help students feel like 'queens'

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- The first big dance for Piner Middle School eighth-graders is this weekend and one local woman is making sure every girl has the chance to feel like a queen, without paying a dime.

Leah Maxson went to Piner Middle School 11 years ago.

Last week, she saw a PTA Facebook post saying girls needed dresses for the big farewell dance. Now she's turned that post into something much more than dresses, something she is calling "Project Queen."

"It's kind of nerve-racking for me, it's like a little prom for eighth grade," eighth-grader Savanah Ford said.

The first big dance comes with mixed emotions, especially when it comes to getting ready. That's why Leah Maxson said she started "Project Queen."

"These girls deserve a day to be girls and not have to worry about putting their parents out," Maxson said.

"They're worried about well I already bought my dress and I've already done this, so how are we going to afford getting my hair and makeup done," Ford said. "And so I think it's really good for kids to not have to worry about their parents having to pay for that stuff."

Hair, nails, makeup and dresses, all for free and for any eighth grade girl this Saturday before the dance.

Maxson works at the Sherman Holiday Inn, so she's clearing out three suite rooms and turning them into a salon.

"I put a thing out on Facebook and I was like I need people who can do hair and makeup and the next thing I knew, I have 24 volunteers and people wanting to donate and help out," Maxson said.

Maxson said she's already received dresses, snacks and other donations, but could still use hairspray, makeup, hair accessories, nail polish and any other volunteers.

It's a day eighth-grader Savanah Ford said she's excited for.

"So that's definitely a big thing cause I'm not gonna be alone when I get ready for it, so that's going to be pretty cool," Ford said.

And it's all with a goal of making these girls feel confident before their first dance.

"That's why we named it 'Project Queen,' cause queens are in charge of their own kingdom, these girls are in charge of their own emotions," Maxson said.

You can drop off any donations until Saturday morning at the Holiday Inn in Sherman. It's open to all of eighth grade.

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