Snowfall Report, January 6, 2017

Well, the skies delivered Texoma’s first area-wide snow since February 27, 2015, and right on schedule.

The system offers a good example of how events can SOMETIMES be forecast five or six days in advance with reasonable confidence. However, each weather system is put together differently and the next winter storm may be a hair-puller. You just never know.

This is the third (and longest) spell of deep cold that we’ve had this winter, and this is great news for yards, insect control, and people who suffer allergies. Part of the natural cycle is a series of killing freezes and we’re getting them at regular intervals this winter.

It looks like temperatures for the winter as a whole will be closer to average than expected, as we keep a pattern of big extremes which are averaging out close to normal.

Texoma typically gets two winter weather events per season and based on the active frontal pattern we’re in….well, let’s just hide and watch.

Take Care,
Steve LaNore
Chief Meteorologist
News 12 / KXII-TV