Staying warm in Texoma with possible power outages

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Freezing weather was already in Texoma by Thursday and all that's left is that chance of snow.

Winter storms also increase the risk of power outages, but there are ways to make sure you stay warm, even if you end up in the dark.

"I'm getting prepared, getting prepared," Mark Buckner said, who was shopping for fire supplies.

It's the first significant snow expected in Texoma in more than two years and Grayson County Emergency Management said its biggest concern with this threat is power outages.

"I got my wood all ready for many days and I plan on using it for the next several days," Buckner said.

Texomans are preparing their homes for the winter weather. The Sherman Lowe's manager said they sold 7,000 frost caps in just a week and the space heaters and heat lamps are also flying off the shelves.

"I'm buying heat lamps for my chickens, so they don't get cold," Macy Booher said.

"And I'm buying heat lamps from the well house to keep them from freezing and heaters for the shop," Todd Booher said.

People are also out buying wood and portable space heaters, just in case their power does go out.

"We have plenty of wood, lots of wood, way too much wood," Booher said.

"I have secondary methods of warming up," Buckner said. "I have a gas fire place and a wooden fire place in my house."

The other option is a backup generator, something Lowe's said they have plenty of, and is an easy return if not needed.

On top of backup heat, emergency management said to also make sure you have a charged cell phone and a flashlight handy.

"Sounds like to me there's not gonna be a lot of accumulation but you never know with the weather," Buckner said.

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