Surveillance video shows Carter County woman battle would-be robber

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SPRINGER, Okla. (KXII) -- Carter County deputies say a man walked into a convenience store and pointed a gun at the store clerk, telling her to give him her money, and it was all caught on video.

The Carter County Sheriffs office was called about 9 p.m. Wednesday to the Springer Food Mart after an attempted robbery.

The incident was caught on camera.

"I heard the door open and I said 'hello?' And he said, 'this is a stick up, give me all your money.' I said, 'dude you're crazy,' I recognized his voice because he's a regular," says store clerk Misty Bearden.

Bearden says she was terrified, but then noticed something odd about the long rife when the suspect tried to cock it.

"I looked at the gun and I realized the gun wasn't going to shoot and so I was like you're not getting the money. I was raised around guns and so I know gun safety and gun care. This gun was rusted and he couldn't get it to load, so I had a feeling he didn't even know how to use the weapon," said Bearden.

Bearden grabbed the store phone, but as you can see, the suspect yanks that phone out of her hand. So Bearden tries to call for help on her cell, but that phone was knocked down too. When Bearden picked up a third phone, that's when the suspect makes a mad dash for the door.

"More or less what I would say to people out there if you have a situation like this occur, just give them what they want and go on," says Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant.

Bryant said the suspect didn't take anything and Bearden was unharmed.

"We've got a car description of a red 2000 S model sedan, four door sedan. We do have deputies out looking for him right now," said Bryant.

"I was livid," Bearden said. "I have two kids and momma's coming home tonight."

Bryant says the suspect has not been caught yet, but if you have any additional information, contact the Carter County Sheriffs Office.

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