Suspects identified in multicounty car chase

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII)-- The suspects have been named in a car chase that spanned three counties on Friday afternoon.

"It just happened so fast, and they were pulling people out, and pulling guns." Witness Lou Ann Green said.

I-35 runs parallel to Green's home on Scenic Circle, in Ardmore. She was about to start some yard work with family Friday afternoon when a brigade of sirens caught their attention.

"It was crazy. My son-in-law and then his father both said it looked like Cops on TV like you watch." Green said.

They ran across the street just in time to catch the end of the high-speed chase, involving a maroon-colored sedan, Oklahoma Highway Patrol and a couple other police agencies.

"It was kind of like a ping pong ball," Green said. "He bounced off of one, and turned real fast, trying to go south on the northbound side, and that's when the other highway patrol got in front of him, and he hit them. But when he bounced off of him, he didn't go anywhere, he couldn't."

Police arrested the driver, 22-year-old Lawrence McCray, and his passenger, 25-year-old Barry Richter.

The chase started in Cooke County. Troopers say police tried to pull McCray over for a license plate violation, but he took off, and the car turned out to be stolen.

"You never know why these individuals are running or what they're running for, or what the reason for the pursuit is," O.H.P Spokesperson Capt. Paul Timmons said. "All you can do is try and end the event as quickly as possible, without any injuries or loss of life."

No one was injured in the chase that lasted roughly 40 minutes, and spanned Cooke, Love and Carter Counties...

"It speaks volumes about all the different agencies involved and able to work it out and communicate with each other to where it came to a successful conclusion." Timmons said.

It ended just hundreds of feet from Green's home.

"We don't see things like that out here. It's just disbelief that we caught it that day." Green said.

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