TMC floor tech honored for kindness towards four-year-old patient

DENISON, Texas (KXII) -- A Texoma Medical Center floor tech is getting a special recognition by the hospital for going above and beyond his job description, with a random act of kindness for a young patient.

The floor technician was just doing his job, cleaning the floors, when his machine caught the attention of four-year-old Landyn George.

It's what the man did next that caught the attention of hundreds of people across Texoma.

"Jack is my friend," Landyn George said.

Four-year-old Landyn was having a hard time at TMC, after being cooped up in his hospital room for three days straight.

"He was having some respiratory distress," Amy George said, Landyn's mom.

"He had been on oxygen, so they can't go very far," TMC nurse Donnese Clark said.

As Landyn was finally able to run around and leave his room, he heard a noise down the hallway, and saw TMC floor tech Jack Denton on a cleaning machine.

"When I go down the hallway, I turn back around, he's sitting there waving at me, smiling," Denton said.

Landyn was jumping for joy, an excitement Jack said he's never seen about his job before. So he decided to stop and show Landyn some tricks on the machine.

"Got to see Jack honking the horn and cleaning the floors and Jack explained to him how it works and his job," Clark said.

"See the buttons, honk the horn, the excitement in his eyes, lighting up, now that was worth it," Jack said.

Landyn's nurse took notice and nominated Jack for the monthly Shining Star Award.

"It was nice to recognize a department that doesn't get shined very often," Clark said.

An award Jack did not expect to win, but said he is grateful his department is being recognized.

"Anything I could do to make it less stressful for him, more fun, that's all it was for," Denton said.

Landyn's mom said her little boy's actions can serve as a good reminder: it's important to be kind and thank people in all jobs.

"Just how thankful we are for Jack to take time out of his day to show Landyn something and let him be so excited about it while we were in a very stressful period of time," George said.

"Thank you Jack," Landyn said.

"You're welcome Landyn."

Landyn is out of the hospital and is feeling a lot better, but the family said the floor tech's kindness definitely played a role in Landyn's speedy recovery.