Texoma firefighters battle wildfires in Northeast Oklahoma

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PONTOTOC COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- "We are all ready to go fight fire whenever we can," says Stonewall Assistant Fire Chief Caleb Christian.

"They called for help and I said okay, lets go," says Stonewall Firefighter Phillip Nuner.

On Tuesday night, eleven firefighters from Pontotoc County drove out to help with five brush trucks like this one.

"Acres and acres as far as you can see of burnt pasture land. We saw a tractor trailer that had been consumed. Several structures and house that have been burned down," says Nuner.

The Pontotoc County firefighters patrolled over 40 square miles in Harper County, checking for hotspots.

"Massive, massive area to cover. It's actually a wonder more damage hasn't been done," says Nuner.

"A lot of it is dirt and grass but a lot of people look at that as feeding their cows and livestock and stuff like that," says Christian.

14 firefighters from Ratliff City in Carter County are battling the flames. Firefighters from Arkansas, Louisiana and Kentucky are also excepted to help.

"Kind of amazing how everybody can come together and support different parts of the state of Oklahoma. It's hard to find people that would actually do that," says Christian.

As of now, 22 counties in Oklahoma are in a state of emergency.

"Stay safe watch out for each other," says Christian.

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