Texoma sisters get new mom just in time for Mother’s Day

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- It was an extra special Mother’s Day for one Texoma household this year.

When Ashley Wright found out she couldn’t have a large family by traditional means, she tells us the news was heartbreaking. But it opened up another door to foster care.

Wright’s 6-year-old biological daughter Lillie said she loves the experience.

“She can love everybody in the world,” Lillie said.

7-year-old Cambria and 4-year-old Arielle are biological sisters who have been living with Lillie for about a year and a half. As of a couple weeks ago, the three are officially sisters.

“I’m glad to give these girls a mom and let them have someone to be with them for the rest of their lives,” Wright said. “And I’m glad that I’m the one to do it.”

“Mommy hugged me, then I got snuggles, then to watch a movie,” Arielle said.

“I can have company instead of playing by myself,” Cambria said.
Wright said it’s been a long process, with court hearings every few months.

“I couldn’t wait that long enough. I just wanted it to happen,” Cambria said.

It finally happened on May 5.

Wright said it has all been worth it.

She tells us seeing Arielle, who used to be nonverbal, and Cambria, who used to be shy, both open up, has been one of the most amazing parts.

Wright gets the big family she has always wanted.

And Wright said their household will only get bigger, with more kids and more love, as she and her husband Joshua plan to continue fostering children in the future.

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