The Latest: 81-year-old first in line at Alaska pot store

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- An 81-year-old native of Italy became the first person to legally buy marijuana in Alaska's largest city.

Courtesy CNN / VAN

Anna Ercoli was first in line Thursday morning, hours before Arctic Herbery opened its doors in Anchorage to great fanfare.

The 45-year resident of Anchorage says she used marijuana for medicinal purposes. Ercoli says she rubs the marijuana extract on her skin, and it affords her a better night of sleep than anti-pain or sleeping pills.

Also in line for the first day of legal sales was 31-year-old Donavan Brown. He calls the opening of Anchorage's first retail marijuana store "pretty exciting."

He has friends coming back to Anchorage for the holidays, and he says they are "going to have a great taco night."

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