Third annual Boots N Band Music Series kicks off this week

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Friday kicks off the first of the month long Boots N Bands Music Series featuring artists from the local area.

"The idea behind Boots N Bands was to draw people to local businesses and promote local artists," Sherman Chamber of Commerce Events Director Kristina Quinlan said. "We've done a lot of promoting this year and so we're planning for a large crowd."

The concerts will be held every Friday this month at four different locations. Two downtown areas, 903 Brewers, and Ebby Halliday Relators.

The bands play a variety of music from rock music to county music.

The city has been working on ideas on how to bring residents to visit more with the city and to give them something to do on the weekends.

"It gives us something to do on a Friday night," Quinlan said. "This kind of leads up to Hot Summer Nights."

"It's going to gather people in places where they are going to be able to frequent other shops and restaurants that they normally wouldn't frequent in their day-to-day activities so I think that's a great thing," Sherman City Council member Kevin Couch said.

Boots N Bands helps the city of Sherman spread their message of bringing families together for a fun event.

"Whenever events like this are created, it enhances family, it enhances good comradery and overall it just improves the health and well being of our city through the quality of life," Couch said.

With the events the city of Sherman is creating for it citizens, the city sees the improvement of participation from excited residents.

"Yeah we're seeing being Boots N Bands, Craft the Night Away, or Hot Summer Nights, I think our citizens are responding by coming out and participating. I think they like having something to do in their city," Couch said.

903 Brewers will be hosting the first event Friday, April 7th at seven p.m. with the Jared Mitchell Band performing.

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