Town council votes to extend suspension for police officer

KINGSTON, Okla. (KXII) -- The Kingston town council voted Tuesday after an executive session to extend police officer Scott Brown's suspension with pay until Sept. 28 when a closed hearing will take place to discuss the appeal of the suspension.

"I did not make this motion against Scott Brown," Councilor Gary Cluck said during the meeting. "There's just stuff going on, and I just, I think this is best for the community."

Brown was put on a 14 day suspension last week just two weeks after he was demoted from Assistant chief to officer.

"We're almost a month into this process and I have been not yet allowed after two appeals not to address my side to the council," Brown said.

But a lawyer for the council said Brown and others will have their time to speak in a hearing set for later this month which is within the 30 day allotted time frame after filing the appeal.

Tonya Riley was just one of the people who showed up to the council meeting to support officer Brown and says she is also unaware of the allegations being investigated.

"They want to extend the suspension, but they don't want to give us any answer, although we ask many questions all it did was lead to more questions," said Riley.

Riley says she hopes to see Officer Brown reinstated to his original position after serving the community for nearly a decade.

"It worries me that he has been -- that the suspension has been lengthened -- that he is even off the streets even longer," Riley said. "What does that do for our community safety wise?"

At the end of the meeting a council member handed us a letter from Oklahoma City law firm Foshee and Yaffe that states the firm will be representing a woman in her discrimination complaint against the Kingston Police Department.

The council member would provide no further details about whether this complaint is related to Brown's suspension.

No other council members would comment on the investigation or allegations that led to Brown's title change and suspension.

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