Trenton student flown to hospital after bus accident is back home

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TRENTON, Texas (KXII) -- A week after three people were injured in a school bus accident in Trenton, the student who was flown to a Plano hospital is back home.

"What I remember is she hit the back of the bus, my head hit the front of the seat, the back of the seat and then the window."

Sixteen-year old Kassie Keaton, a sophomore at Trenton High School, says after she hit her head, she began having a seizure.

"Pressure in the back of my head, I was really dizzy, I really wasn't comprehending much of anything. I had double vision and it was just very chaotic."

Since the accident last Wednesday, Kassie has been at Medical Center of Plano where she's had a several procedures, including an MRI and EEG, an electronic test of the brain.

"I have a major concussion and I go see the neurologist in two weeks."

Keaton was released from the hospital on Saturday and went back to class Monday.

She says she's still riding the bus to and from school which has proven to be more nerve wracking than she realized.

"I get anxiety on that road because of that."

Trenton police have not released the name of the woman who was driving the SUV that rear ended the bus, but confirm that driver was texting at the time of the accident.

They say she tried to avoid the bus but hit the right back corner and crashed into a ditch.

Keaton's father, Jerry, says police have told him the woman survived and underwent facial reconstructive surgery.

"Said she's really lucky she didn't hit the bus head on. Said it would have probably killed her. He said she's already had one surgery and is going to have some more."

Keaton says she has a long road to recovery ahead, including several more rounds of tests and physical therapy to determine if she has any permanent brain damage.

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