Two cases of sexual assault reported to Gainesville ISD

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GAINESVILLE, Texas (KXII) -- Two separate student involved sexual assault cases reported at Gainesville ISD.

The Gainesville Independent School District says they were notified of two alleged incidents two weeks ago.

Superintendent, Jeff Brasher, says one of the sexual assaults happened on a bus.

He says the two high school students involved were traveling for an extra-curricular activity.

The other assault involved two middle school students and happened at the district's alternative education campus during school hours.

In an email, Brasher said, "Immediately upon notification, the GISD Police Department and Administration began investigating the allegations to determine appropriate discipline at the district level for students and supervising personnel."

Brasher would not say whether any faculty members have been fired or placed on leave due to the allegations.

Donnie Stradley, has three kids in Gainesville schools, and says he wishes the school would have notified parents.

"Not that it matters, boy or girl, but having a daughter that's in high school I'd hate for that to happen to one of my kids so absolutely I'd hope that they would send something out."

Brasher wouldn't comment on why no notification was made.

He says the district has completed the investigation and has turned the findings over to the Cooke County District Attorney's Office.

"It is a concern but I also understand as a parent that teachers can't be everywhere at the same time. They have so many kids to look after."