Two local officers in hospital following motorcycle accident

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LONE GROVE, Okla. (KXII) -- Two Southern Oklahoma police officers were flown to an Amarillo hospital this weekend, after a motorcycle accident in New Mexico.

"I heard it when it happened. Its a sound I'll never forget." Lone Grove Police Chief and Blue Knights Director said.

Oldham and 12 other members of Blue Knight VII, a chapter of a nationwide, law enforcement motorcycle group, were taking part in a five-state poker run, when an accident quickly put a stop to the weekend.

"I actually turned around in time to see the bikes go down the road, and its not a good feeling either." Oldham said.

Oldham says Ardmore Police Sergeant Billy Eades was the last of their group to come around a curve, and for some reason, didn't turn, striking Marietta Assistant Chief Ron Bolton.

"I see a lot doing what I do, but its not the same when they're one of your own, when its someone you're friends with." Oldham said.

Both were taken to an Amarillo hospital, their wives who were riding with them treated for minor injuries.

Eades suffered a fractured neck, and had surgery on his wrist following the accident, but has been released from ICU.

Bolton is still on a ventilator in critical condition, with a brain bleed. He isn't responding to verbal commands, but does respond to pain.

"This type of news is devastating is shocking." Marietta Police Chief Dustin Scott said.

Scott immediately went to Amarillo after hearing the news.

"It's important to me that we be there to support the family," Scott said. "I feel like any of my officers, especially Assistant Chief Bolton, would've done the same for me or any officer."

Now, Bolton is organizing a drive for Bolton with the First National Bank.

And Oldham says donations can be made at the Love County Sheriff's Office, or the Lone Grove Police Department, to benefit the families.

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