Unregistered sex offender arrested in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII)-- An Ardmore man was arrested near an elementary school early Tuesday morning, for not registering as a sex offender.

"It's scary what you know is out there that hasn't been caught, its a scary feeling." Parent Gregg Aycox said.

Just before 2 a.m. Tuesday, 36-year-old Kenneth Russell was stopped by Ardmore police for a broken taillight on Monroe St. NE. Russell is a sex offender in at least two other states, according to online registries, and police say he was living in Ardmore unregistered.

They say he had previously told them was just visiting his mother, and that he actually lived in Arizona. But police concluded that wasn't the case. Russell was arrested and taken to the Carter County Jail.

"It's good that they caught them, really good that they caught him, and got him arrested," Neighbor Rosa Douglas said. "Now everyone knows how he looks and can be aware of him."

Near where he was arrested, there is an elementary school and a children's shelter. Rosa Douglas is a grandmother who lives just down the road from the school.

"The apartments is full of kids, they walk to the store, some of them walk that way to the school, so I didn't like that." Douglas said.

And Aycox has adopted children who play nearby.

"Especially on Monroe, where they caught him, that's a scary thing," Aycox said. "Because our kids are always in the backyard, and there's kids running up and down the street all the time, all the time."

Records show Russell is registered in Florida for sex crimes committed out of the state, and in Michigan.

Neighbors are relieved to know Russell is now behind bars.

"You come here, you need to register," Douglas said. "Let us know, because its unfair to us that you're a next door neighbor and a pedophile and we got kids. Its not right to us, or the kids."

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