Wapanucka home a total loss after house catches fire

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WAPANUCKA, Okla. (KXII) -- A Johnston County home went up in flames on Thursday, leaving a man and his son homeless.

It took at least three different fire departments to put out a house fire that ended in a total loss.

"Thank God this didn't happen in the middle of the night," Chad Walters said.

Walters says he left for work around 5:30 Thursday morning.
Hours later, he got word from a neighbor, that his home on 11th and F Avenue was on fire.

"One of my neighbors wife, called him and told him my house was on fire..he come up to and said my house is on fire, I thought he was joking, I thought yeah okay man whatever..and anyways, he said No you're house is on fire," Walters said.

Three departments worked together to stop the flames.

"Once we got them in route and they got on the scene, we went ahead and called in Tishomingo to bring in extra man power," Reeder said.

Wapanucka fire chief Gary Reeder said the strong wind made it difficult to stop the flames.

"Temperatures and stuff the way that they are it's kind of hard to work a lot when ever you get this cold," Reeder said.

Reeder said they aren't sure what caused the fire but suspect it may have started in the kitchen.

"He did have a couple of space heaters inside one of them, being an electric one, if it slumps over it automatically shuts itself off," Reeder said.

Walters has lived at the home for the past 17 years.

He says even though all of his personal belongings are gone , he's grateful that he and his son weren't home when the fire broke out.

"Ah, it's all stuff," Walters said. "Me and my sons are okay and that's what's important."

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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