What's Up with this Winter's Temperature Swings?

So far, this winter has been a rather wild ride of warm again-cold again with rather big extremes on both ends. While all Texoma winters see considerable temperature changes as fronts come and go, 2016/2017 is big-time topsy-turvy.

Take the week before Christmas, when we had our coldest weather in three years, only to see highs in the 70s a few days later on Christmas Day.

This cycle repeated as we moved into January; our coldest morning in two decades on January 7 was followed by very windy conditions and highs in the upper 70s a few days later. Occasionally, we’ve seen a more “spaced out” pattern when we’d have a few days in a row with similar readings because these patterns vary some week to week.

So, what’s causing this crazy-quilt weather scene? It’s a combination of a very active jet stream, where lots of low-pressure systems zip on by, the intensity of the lows pulling a greater amounts of warm or cold air our way, and a plentiful pool of cold air over Alaska, Canada and Siberia surging southward in between these lows.

The map shows how this all plays out, and the pattern through the middle of next week suggests more of the same. A consistently colder pattern evolves as we get past Wednesday (Jan 24), but there’s no ice or snow indicated at this time.

Take Care,
Steve LaNore
Chief Meteorologist
News 12 / KXII-TV