Woman makes blankets for every patrol car in Atoka County

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ATOKA COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- An Atoka woman is using her love for sewing to help give law enforcement a new way to comfort kids in need.

Sewing, stitching and making blankets, that's what Georgia Justus said is her gift.

"We're all born with a calling of some kind, a special talent, a mission if you will, and I think this must be mine," Justus said.

A few weeks ago, the 75-year-old came up with a new mission and she started making blankets for local officers to use when working with kids.

She's now made more than 40 blankets and Thursday, they were donated to all five departments in Atoka County to put in every patrol unit.

"Take them with them and if a child is upset or hurt, cold anything, just wrap them up and hug them," Justus said. "Maybe I can't be out there to do a thing for the children on my own, at least I can do this."

Now in the midst of tragedy, the officers can provide kids an extra source of comfort by opening up their door and handing out one of the blankets.

"We respond to accidents, we work a lot of child abuse cases, domestic violence cases, there's just a lot of things out there where the children need a good, warm blanket," Atoka County Sheriff Tony Head said.

"I think it'd be nice to give them a blanket like this to calm them down," Stringtown Police Chief Richard Leuty said.

"It's great to have someone willing to help out the department to help out their community," Atoka Police Officer Anthony Garvin said.

The blankets have bright colors and fun patterns, but Justus said most importantly, they have a lot of love.

"It just means peace and comfort and love, it's a love that I have," Justus said.

And she doesn't have any plans of stopping soon.

"I'll keep making them because as they give the blankets up, there's gonna be a need for me, and if I hear of something else, I'll make some more."