World's best corn whisky in Denison

DENISON, Texas (KXII) -- The family run business Ironroot Republic Distillery in Denison is now an award-winning distillery.

"I tell you it's incredibly humbling," Owner Robert Likarish said. "It was nothing that we were expecting at all."

The next time you take a sip of an Ironroot Republic Distillery Corn Whiskey, you'll be tasting the world's best corn whisky.

"We love our whisky," Robert said. "We think it's great, but for a distillery our age to be as young as we are to win an award like this is completely unheard of."

The Whisky Magazine voted their corn whiskey the best in the world after competing with whiskys from around the world.

After graduating from Austin College and law school, Robert Likarish, with his brother Jonathan, decided to pursue their dream of owning a distillery and started their own business.

"Really found that we really do love the process of making something from grain all the way to that final spirit and that is just extremely rewarding so we just kind of fell in love with it from there," Robert said.

"It's a good business," Robert and Jonathan's mother Marcia Likarish said. "They're using their engineering and their law degrees as much in this business as they would've if they would've taken a different path with those degrees."

In 2013, the Likarish family started distilling and have been producing different types of drinks like whisky, vodka, gin, and brandy.

All the grain used for the distilling process is mostly coming from farmers from Sadler and they take it to be milled in Muenster.

The milled grain is then taken to the distillery to continue and complete the nine-day process.

The once best kept secret is out in the open thanks to the growing popularity from the Texoma community.

"The Fossil Creek next door has a hard time keeping our whisky on the shelves so I can't say enough of the support that we get from our local community and that's help spread the whisky throughout the world," Robert said.

The Ironroot Republic Distillery is working on expanding its facility because its growing popularity has it producing more drinks and running out of space for them.

The distillery is also working with Sherman's 903 Brewers on creating a single malt.

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