Zachary Flores promoted to Sherman police chief

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) --The city of Sherman officially has a new police chief and his leadership is making history. He's the first minority the city has ever put in that position.

"Overwhelming and humbling," new Sherman Police Chief Zachary Flores said. "Those are the two words that kind of sum it up. To begin here and stick with it."

Zachary Flores started his career in law enforcement as a Sherman officer in 2007. He advanced up to sergeant and then worked in city management for the last 18 months.

His next step up to chief is also a step forward, serving as the first minority police chief in Sherman's over 170-year history.

"To be able to break through some barriers is an honor," Flores said. "It shows that we are able to be a reflection of our community."

About 100 people gathered as Flores was sworn in Tuesday.

Among that crowd was Flores' father, a man who understands the role of chief on a personal level. He's worked for the city of Allen for 31 years and is currently the deputy chief.

"I don't think it's very often you end up with two chiefs in the family like that," Flores said. "He's been a good example that I've been able to follow."

"They chose him for this position and it's such an important position and for me to be a little part of that is beyond words," Robert Flores said, Zachary's dad and current Allen deputy police chief.

The workplace environment is a key area of focus for Flores.

"The job of a police officer is difficult enough," Flores said. "I want a place that they are comfortable to come into, where they can grow and I hope they see me as an example of their abilities here in Sherman."

His ultimate goal is transparency, starting with revisiting all unsolved cases.

"One of the things I've asked them to do is to come to me next month with a synopsis and overview of what those cases are."

Flores said most importantly, his faith will be the foundation of his leadership.

"He has a heart for service, he always has," Flores' dad Robert said.

"If we have our faith, family and our jobs interrelated, I think that helps us go about our day, to do the right thing and to serve our community in the right way," Flores said.