A+ Athlete: Clayton Taylor, Kingston

This week's A+ Athlete is Clayton Taylor from Kingston High School.

Clayton enjoys the strategy, physicality and competitive nature of football, powerlifiting and track. He's qualified for state in discus the past two years, placing ninth this past spring. But for Clayton, he's always looking for ways to improve.

"The better that you are the better you can handle other situations in life," said Taylor. "Tragedy, heartache, joy, you get better as you experience it and if you can go through adversity better, you can do anything else in your life better."

"He's always at practice," said head football coach John Caraway. "He does everything we ask him to do. On top of that after practice every day, he's usually going to do a college course somewhere. Just a great young man. He sacrifices so much of his time not only on the athletic field but the academic world as well."

In the academic world, Clayton is ranked first in his class with a 4.1 GPA and vice president of the senior class as well. He's involved in the National and Oklahoma Honor Societies and has completed more than 20 hours of college courses.

"My parents always instilled in me that you had to get a good education," said Taylor. "For me, the path for getting a good education would be to excel in my high school career and then move on to college."

"Right away, you recognize his maturity, responsibility, and grades," said computer teacher Debbie Keatts. "His 100 average. A teacher's dream. He's a forward thinker and he's going to be very successful because of that."

After graduation, Clayton will attend Oklahoma State University and major in molecular biology with the goal of entering into medical school. And that's why Clayton Taylor is this week's A+ Athlete.