Four Ada Lady Cougars sign to play college basketball

Four members of the Ada Lady Cougars basketball state semifinal team signed to play at the collegiate level Thursday.

Payton Taylor heads to Oklahoma City University.

"I've always been waiting for this," said Taylor. "I've always wanted this. I'm really excited to take that next step. It's really exciting going into a national winning team. There's a lot of pressure there, also."

Madalyn Jessepe takes her talents to Murray State College.

"I have worked so hard and that has always been my dream to go and play further after high school," said Jessepe. "When I went over there to visit, I scrimmaged and met the girls. And I really like them. They were really nice. So I really like that school."

McKenzie Dean will travel up to Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

"I've always wanted to play basketball in college. So it's kind of like a dream come true," said Dean. "Just the interest they showed in me made me feel comfortable and made me feel welcomed there. And I really liked that."

Aneli' Thomsen will join Dean at Northwestern.

"It's crazy," said Thomsen. "I never thought it would happen so I'm pumped. I'm blessed. Just the coaches - that's really important to me. And so when on my visit [NWOSU] Coach [Tasha] Diesselhorst and all the other coaches just made me feel at home."